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Rochester Living Sponsorship

Here's your chance to give back to the community while at the same time creating brand awareness for your company and build positive relationships in the Rochester community.

A sponsorship!

RochesterLiving is destined to become one of the most popular and heavily trafficked Web sites in the Rochester area by creating a fun and interactive web experience for our users. Your business can share in RochesterLiving's success by becoming a sponsor and donating to a local charity or nonprofit organization.

Here's how it works:

The site will not be littered with useless, ineffective banner ads, but rather, one 'sponsor' can buy a three-month block and become the sole advertiser on the site. In exchange for a donation of $1000 on behalf of RochesterLiving to a charity of our choice, the sponsor will receive...

  • a logo placemen/skyscraper ad on all pages in the right column
  • the words "This Web site is made possible by a generous donation by (name of sponsor) to (name of charity)" above sponsor logo
  • logo will be a clickable link to the sponsors Web site if they have one. (clicking the logo will open a new browser window)
  • the words "This postcard was made possible by a generous donation by (name of sponsor) to (name of charity)" on every virtual e-greeting created by our users with a link to the sponsors Web site.

    (Note: With the exception of the number of visitors to the site, no other demographic information is captured.)

Everyone Wins!

  • The City of Rochester benefits from a site that highlights the beauty and culture of a wonderful city.
  • The Sponsors benefit by giving back to the community, creating a positive image of their brand, and getting their name in front of targeted Rochester consumers.
  • Local charities and not-for-profit organizations get the funds they need to help the people that need it.

to become a sponsor.